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How to setup a data sync from WooCommerce to Quickbooks

With this integration, you can automatically sync inventory and orders.

Woocommerce Automation

About this data sync

With this integration you can sync your data from WooCommerce to quickbooks quickly and easily. Depending on your setup, you can choose what data is synchronised and when. You have the choice to sync order data depending on the order status in WooCommerce as well as Inventory information.

When an order is synced to Quickbooks, you have the choice to send a new customer to Quickbooks or use a generic customer. Tax from WooCommerce is also handled with all your Quickbooks tax codes flowing into the sync frontend dropdowns.

You can sync your inventory data in both directions, that means from WooCommerce to Quickbooks or the otherway around.

How do I setup WooCommerce in Wbsync?

As long as WooCommerce is installed in Wordpress, it's ready to use.

1. From the left menu, select connections

2. Click the Add New button at the top. From the list of options, select WooCommerce and then give it a name in the label field. This will be used for display only so just make it meaningul. This can be changed later.

3. In the connection settings screen, enter your shop URL like https://shoppage.com

4. If it is a valid URL, the message will let you know by showing Valid URL.

5. Click the Connect WooCommerce button. It will redirect you to your WooCommerce store and ask you to login if you're not already logged in. Go through the process and grant Wbsync access to your store. This is so we can sync your order data as they are created.

6. After you have authorized WooCommerce, you will be returned back to Wbsync. This can now be used for a data sync with another system like Quickbooks.

Time saving calculator

Based on 5 minutes per manual entry, your cost savings are:

Time Frame Saving
Month $100
Year $500

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